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Friday, April 24, 2015

Download comprehensive aipmt notes EBooks | Read online comprehensive aipmt notes EBooks

Download comprehensive aipmt notes EBooks | Read online comprehensive aipmt notes EBooks

Comprehensive Objective Physics,

by Narinder Kumar
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Comprehensive Objective Biology,

by V.K. Jain J.P. Sharma
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This book has been divided in 18 chapters for convenient understanding. It also includes solved model test papers of the previous three years of AIIMS, CBSE-PMT and CPMT-UP to enable students to develop the skills of problem solving and time management, essential for any entrance examination. In addition to providing answers to all the questions, detailed explanatory notes to selected difficult question have also been provided to justify the answer. A separate section of Assertion and Reasons is also provided. * Exhaustive Question Bank * Explanatory Notes and Hints * Assertions & Reasons * Includes Pre-solved papers of three years * Models Test Papers of AIIMS, CBSE(PMT), CPMT
by Daman Saluja
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Biology Today,Academic Adviser and Principal

by David Kirk
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Feynman Lectures on Computation,
Adaptations of lecture notes from Feynman's 1983-1986 courses on computation at the California Institute of Technology.
by Richard Phillips Feynman
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Advanced Surveying,Total Station, GIS and Remote Sensing

by Satheesh Gopi
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Advanced Engineering Mathematics,
The tenth edition of this bestselling text includes examples in more detail and more applied exercises; both changes are aimed at making the material more relevant and accessible to readers. Kreyszig introduces engineers and computer scientists to advanced math topics as they relate to practical problems. It goes into the following topics at great depth differential equations, partial differential equations, Fourier analysis, vector analysis, complex analysis, and linear algebra/differential equations.
by Erwin Kreyszig
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Advanced Engineering Chemistry,

by Manas Senapati
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Advanced Construction Technology,
The authors provide a comprehensive and practical presentation to many aspects of construction practice, as applied to buildings for industrial and commercial purposes. The book covers site works, plant and equipment, substructure, demolition and temporary work, and much more.
by R. Chudley
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Essential Physical Chemistry,

by Ranjeet Shahi
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A Text Book of Automobile Engineering,

by R. K. Rajput
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Reinforced Concrete Structures,

by Dr. B. C. Punmia, Ashok Kr. Jain, Arun Kr. Jain
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Comprehensive Rcc.Designs,
CONTENTS: Part 1:Working Stress Method 1.Introduction 2.Theory of reinforced beams and Slabs 3.Shear and bond 4.Torsion 5.Doubly reinforced beams 6. T and L-Beams 7.Design of beams and Slabs 8.Design of stair cases 9.Reinforced brick and hollow tile roofs 10.Two-way slabs 11.Circular slabs 12.Flat slabs 13.Axially loaded columns 14.Combined direct and bending stresses 15.Continuous and isolated footings 16.Combined footings 17.Pile foundations 18.Retaining Walls Part 11: Water Tanks 19.Domes 20.Beams curved in plan 21.Water tanks-1 Simple cases 22.Water tanks-11 Circular & INTZE Tanks 23.Water tanks-111: Rectangular tanks 24.Water tanks-IV: Undergound tanks Part 111:Miscellaneous Structures 25.Reinforced concrete pipes 26.Bunkers and silos 27.Chimneys 28.Portal frames 29.Building frames Part IV:Concrete Bridges 30. Aqueducts and box culverts 31.Concrete Bridges Part V: Limit State Design 32.Design concepts 33.Singly reinforced section 34.Doubly reinforced sections 35.T and L-Beams 36.Shear bond and torsion 37.Design of beams and slabs 38.Axially loaded columns 39.Columns with Uniaxial and Biaxial bending 40.Design of stair cases 41.Two way slabs 42.Circular slabs 43.Yield Line theory and design of slabs 44.Foundations Part IV:Prestressed concrete and Miscellaneous Topics 45.Prestressed concrete 46.Shrinkage and creep 47.Form-Work 48.Tests for cement and concrete
by B.C. Punmia Ashok Kumar Jain
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Comprehensive MCQs in Physics,

by Narinder Kumar J.K. Jenuja
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Medicine,Examining the Past
In this book. Ghislaine Lawrence provides an overview of how medical knowledge and practices have changed, from ancient beliefs to the treatments of today. For instance, did you know that the first stethoscope was a rolled-up piece of paper? Or that people once used stones formed in the intestines of animals as medicines? Bringing the narrative to life are images of over 100 items selected from the amazing collections held at the Science Museum - objects as diverse as a prehistoric trepanned skull, an Egyptian mummified cat, a medicine chest from the Renaissance, a seventeenth-century prosthetic limb and an early heart pacemaker. Detailed captions place these objects in their context and help you imagine what being a patient or a practitioner could have involved.
by Ghislaine Lawrence
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