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Friday, April 24, 2015

Download comprehensive chemistry sunita rattan EBooks | Read online comprehensive chemistry sunita rattan EBooks

Download comprehensive chemistry sunita rattan EBooks | Read online comprehensive chemistry sunita rattan EBooks

Engineering Chemistry (Ptu),

by Dr. Sunita Rattan
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Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization (Substantially Revised),
Provides alternative solutions to such global problems as population control, emerging water shortages, eroding soil, and global warming, outlining a detailed survival strategy for the civilization of the future.
by Lester R. Brown
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Plan B,Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble
Provides alternative solutions to such global problems as population control, emerging water shortages, eroding soil, and global warming.
by Lester Russell Brown
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Textbook Of Engineering Chemistry,
Any good text book,particularly that in the fast changing fields such as engineering & technology,is not only expected to cater to the current curricular requirments of various institutions but also should provied a glimplse towards the latest developments in the concerned subject and the relevant disciplines.It should guide the periodic review and updating of the curriculum.
by S.S.Dara
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Simplified ICSE Chemistry,

by Viraf J. Dalal
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Techniques in Organic Chemistry,
"Compatible with standard taper miniscale, 14/10 standard taper microscale, Williamson microscale. Supports guided inquiry"--Cover.
by Jerry R. Mohrig
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Encyclopedia of Gender and Society,
Entries discuss the impact gender has had on cultural beliefs and practices, social and economic organizations, and individual lives.
by Jodi O'Brien
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Miracle Juices,60 Juices for a Healthy Life
Discusses the health benefits of fruit and vegetable juices, explains how they can be used to help control a variety of health problems, and shares a variety of recipes.
by Charmaine Yabsley
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Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,From Wireless LANs to 4G Networks
This is a detailed tutorial on the design and integration of mobile ad-hoc networks, temporary communications nets constructed on the fly for locations and situations where building a permanent installation isn’t possible.
by George Aggelou
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Agricultural Marketing In India, 4/E,
This is a revised edition of the well established book on the subject. Undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as, teachers and research scholars, specialists in marketing, policy makers and those interested in the welfare of the farmers can benefit from this book. Contents: Agricultural Marketing - Definition and Scope / Markets and Market Structure / Agricultural Marketing and Economic Development / Marketing Functions / Marketing Agencies, Institutions and Channels / Marketing of Farm Inputs / Government Intervention and Role in Agricultural Marketing / Cooperation and Cooperatives in Agricultural Marketing / Marketing Integration, Efficiency, Costs, Margins and Price Spread / Training, Research, Extension and Statistics in Agricultural Marketing / External Trade in Agricultural Products.
by Acharya
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Basic Electronics,
Semiconductor Diodes and Applications p-n junction diode, Characteristics and parameters, Diode approximations, DC load line, Temperature dependence of p-n characteristics, AC equivalent circuits, Zener diodes, Half-wave diode rectifier, Ripple factor, Full-wave diode rectifier, Other full-wave circuits, Shunt capacitor - Approximate analysis of capacitor filters, Power supply performance, Zener diode voltage regulators, Numerical examples as applicable.Transistors Bipolar junction transistor, Transistor voltages and currents, Amplification, Common base, Common Emitter and Common Collector Characteristics, DC load line and bias point. Biasing MethodsBase bias, Collector to base bias, Voltage divider bias, Comparison of basic bias circuits, Bias circuit design, Thermal stability of bias circuits (Qualitative discussions only). Other DevicesSilicon Controlled Rectifier (S.C.R.), SCR control circuits, More S.C.R. applications ; Unijunction transistor, UJT applications, Junction field effect transistors (Exclude fabrication and packaging), JFET characteristics, FET amplifications, Numerical examples as applicable.Amplifiers and OscillatorsDecibels and half power points, Single stage CE amplifier and capacitor coupled two stage CE amplifier (Qualitative discussions only), Series voltage negative feedback and additional effects of negative feed back (Qualitative discussions only), The Barkhausen criterion for oscillations, BJT RC phase shift oscillator, Hartley Colpitts and crystal oscillator (Qualitative discussions only,) Numerical problems as applicable.Introduction to Operational Amplifiers Ideal Op-amp, Saturable property of an Op-amp, Inverting and noninverting Op-amp circuits, Need for Op-amp, Characteristics and applications - Voltage follower, Addition, Subtraction, Integration, Differentiation ; Numerical examples as applicable, Cathode Ray oscilloscope (CRO).Communication SystemsBlock diagram, Modulation, Radio systems, Superhetrodyne receivers, Numerical examples as applicable.Number SystemsIntroduction, Decimal system, Binary, Octal and hexadecimal number systems, Addition and subtraction, Fractional number, Binary coded decimal numbers.Digital LogicBoolean algebra, Logic gates, Half-adder, Full-adder, Parallel binary adder.
by A.P.Godse U.A.Bakshi
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Designed as an undergraduate-level textbook in Chemical Engineering, this student-friendly, thoroughly class-room tested book, now in its second edition, continues to provide an in-depth analysis of chemical engineering thermodynamics. The book has been so organized that it gives comprehensive coverage of basic concepts and applications of the laws of thermodynamics in the initial chapters, while the later chapters focus at length on important areas of study falling under the realm of chemical thermodynamics. The reader is thus introduced to a thorough analysis of the fundamental laws of thermodynamics as well as their applications to practical situations. This is followed by a detailed discussion on relationships among thermodynamic properties and an exhaustive treatment on the thermodynamic properties of solutions. The role of phase equilibrium thermodynamics in design, analysis, and operation of chemical separation methods is also deftly dealt with. Finally, the chemical reaction equilibria are skillfully explained. Besides numerous illustrations, the book contains over 200 worked examples, over 400 exercise problems (all with answers) and several objective-type questions, which enable students to gain an in-depth understanding of the concepts and theory discussed. The book will also be a useful text for students pursuing courses in chemical engineering-related branches such as polymer engineering, petroleum engineering, and safety and environmental engineering. New to This Edition • More Example Problems and Exercise Questions in each chapter • Updated section on Vapour–Liquid Equilibrium in Chapter 8 to highlight the significance of equations of state approach • GATE Questions up to 2012 with answers
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Textbook of Organic Chemistry,

by Arun Bahl
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A Textbook Of Thermal Engineering ( Mechanical Technology),
Two new chapters on eneral Themodynamic Relations and Variable Specific Heat have been Added.The mistake which had crept in have been elinimated.we wish to express our sincere thanks to numerous professors and students,both at home and abroad,for sending their valuable suggestions and also for recommending the book to their students and friends.
by R.S.Khurmi & J.K. Gupta
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A Field of One's Own,Gender and Land Rights in South Asia
An analysis of gender and property throughout South Asia which argues that the most important economic factor affecting women is the gender gap in command over property.
by Bina Agarwal
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