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Friday, April 24, 2015

Download comprehensive chemistry activities EBooks | Read online comprehensive chemistry activities EBooks

Download comprehensive chemistry activities EBooks | Read online comprehensive chemistry activities EBooks

Comprehensive Chemistry Activities Vol.I XI,

by Dr. N . K. Verma
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Chemistry of the Upper and Lower Atmosphere,Theory, Experiments, and Applications
Here is the most comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of one of the hottest areas of chemical research. The treatment of fundamental kinetics and photochemistry will be highly useful to chemistry students and their instructors at the graduate level, as well as postdoctoral fellows entering this new, exciting, and well-funded field with a Ph.D. in a related discipline (e.g., analytical, organic, or physical chemistry, chemical physics, etc.). Chemistry of the Upper and Lower Atmosphere provides postgraduate researchers and teachers with a uniquely detailed, comprehensive, and authoritative resource. The text bridges the "gap" between the fundamental chemistry of the earth's atmosphere and "real world" examples of its application to the development of sound scientific risk assessments and associated risk management control strategies for both tropospheric and stratospheric pollutants. Key Features *Serves as a graduate textbook and "must have" reference for all atmospheric scientists * Provides more than 5000 references to the literature through the end of 1998 * Presents tables of new actinic flux data for the troposphere and stratospher (0-40km) * Summarizes kinetic and photochemical date for the troposphere and stratosphere *Features problems at the end of most chapters to enhance the book's use in teaching * Includes applications of the OZIPR box model with comprehensive chemistry for student use
by Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts
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Comprehensive Chemistry Activities Vol.I XII,

by Dr. N. K. Verma
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Comprehensive Experimental Chemistry,
This Book Has Been Especially Written For Class Xii Students Under 10+2 Pattern Of Education According To The Syllabi Prescribed By The Cbse And Other States Boards. This Book Will Help The Students In Acquiring Correct Skills In Practicals And Various Techniques Of All Laboratory Experiments.Salient Features * An Introduction To The Book Is Given. This Describes The Laboratory Apparatus And Instructions And Precautions For Working In The Laboratory. * Simple Language And Lucid Style. * Adequate Number Of Illustrations To Explain And To Clarify The Use Of Various Apparatus Used In The Laboratory. * Theoretical Aspects Of Each Equipment Have Been Discussed Along With Experiments. * In Volumetric Analysis, Both The Normality And Molarity Concepts Are Made Clear. * Li>In Quantitative Analysis (Inorganic And Organic), Various Tests Have Been Given In A Systematic Way.Specimen Recordings Of Experiments Are Given To Help The Students To Record On Their Notebooks. * Viva-Voice Questions Have Been Included In Each Chapter. * A Fairly Large Number Of Investigatory Projects Covering Various Topics Are Given. Selection Of Projects Is Carefully Made Which Can Be Easily Performed In School Laboratory. * An Appendix Describing Various Chemical Hobbies Is Given Which Will Be Extremely Helpful To The Students For The Development Of Chemical Hobbies, Understanding The Basic Principles Involved And The Chemistry Of Various Hobbies. * An Appendix Describing Some Typical Chemical Exhibits Is Also Given. This Will Help The Students To Participate In The Science Fares Organized By Various Agencies. These Experiments Will Cultivate Interest Among The Students For Learning Chemistry. * An Appendix Each For The Solubility'S Of Various Salts, Atomic Weights, Preparation Of Various Reagents, Indicator Papers And The First Aid To Be Administered In Case Of Accidents Is Given. The Syllabi Prescribed For Class Xii Students Under 10+2 Pattern Along With Distribution Of Marks Is Also Given.
by V. K. Ahluwalia
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Comprehensive Chemistry XI,

by Dr. N . K. Verma, S. K. Khanna, Dr. B. Kapila
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Hands-On Chemistry Activities with Real-Life Applications,Easy-to-Use Labs and Demonstrations for Grades 8-12
This comprehensive collection of over 300 intriguing investigations-including demonstrations, labs, and other activities-- uses everyday examples to make chemistry concepts easy to understand. It is part of the two-volume PHYSICAL SCIENCE CURRICULUM LIBRARY, which consists of Hands-On Physics Activities With Real-Life Applications and Hands-On Chemistry Activities With Real-Life Applications.
by Norman Herr
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More Chemistry Basics,
Overwhelmed by orbitals? Terrified of thermodynamics? Agitated by acids and bases? Have no fear! This follow-up to the award-winning Chemistry Basics will clear up your chemistry woes. In More Chemistry Basics, the ninth book in the bestselling Stop Faking It! series, author Bill Robertson introduces additional chemistry concepts and explains science basics using easy-to-follow activities that help teachers learn the fundamentals.
by William C. Robertson
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Environmental and Health Impact of Solid Waste Management Activities,
Solid waste management issues are a highly emotive topic. Disposal costs need to be balanced against environmental impact, which often results in heated public debate. Disposal options such as incineration and landfill, whilst unpopular with both the public and environmental pressure groups, do not pose the same environmental and health risks as, for example, recycling plants. This book, written by international experts, discusses the various waste disposal options that are available (landfill, incineration, composting, recycling) and then reviews their impact on the environment, and particularly on human health. Comprehensive and highly topical, Environmental and Health Impact of Solid Waste Management Activities will make a strong contribution to scientific knowledge in the area, and will be of value to scientists and policy-makers in particular.
by Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain)
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Comprehensive Objective Book For Aieee,

by Narinder Kumar
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Chemical Education: Towards Research-based Practice,
Chemical education is essential to everybody because it deals with ideas that play major roles in personal, social and economic decisions. This text covers the relation between chemistry and chemical education.
by J.K. Gilbert
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Chemical weapons Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons needs comprehensive plan to correct budgeting weaknesses.,

by Joseph A. Christoff
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A Comprehensive Reinvestigation Into the Bioactive Secondary Metabolites of an Indo-Pacific Marine Sponge: Cacospongia Mycofijiensis,
*Please refer to dissertation for diagrams.
by Tyler A. Johnson
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Studies in Natural Products Chemistry,
Natural products in the plant and animal kingdom offer a huge diversity of chemical structures that are the result of biosynthetic processes that have been modulated over the millennia through genetic effects. With the rapid developments in spectroscopic techniques and accompanying advances in high-throughput screening techniques, it has become possible to isolate and then determine the structures and biological activity of natural products rapidly, thus opening up exciting opportunities in the field of new drug development to the pharmaceutical industry. The series also covers the synthesis or testing and recording of the medicinal properties of natural products, providing cutting edge accounts of the fascinating developments in the isolation, structure elucidation, synthesis, biosynthesis and pharmacology of a diverse array of bioactive natural products. Focuses on the chemistry of bioactive natural products Contains contributions by leading authorities in the field Presents sources of new pharmacophores
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Comprehensive medicinal chemistry II,
The first edition of Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry was published in 1990 and very well received. Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry II is much more than a simple updating of the contents of the first edition. Completely revised and expanded, this new edition has been refocused to reflect the significant developments and changes over the past decade in genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, combinatorial chemistry, high-throughput screening and pharmacology, and more. The content comprises the most up-to-date, authoritative and comprehensive reference text on contemporary medicinal chemistry and drug research, covering major therapeutic classes and targets, research strategy and organisation, high-throughput technologies, computer-assisted design, ADME and selected case histories. It is this coverage of the strategy, technologies, principles and applications of medicinal chemistry in a single work that will make Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry II a unique work of reference and a single point of entry to the literature for pharmaceutical and biotechnology scientists of all disciplines and for many industry executives as well.Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry II will be available online in 2007 via the proven platform ScienceDirect providing the user with enhanced features such as cross-referencing and dynamic linking. * Comprehensively reviews - for the first time in one single work - the strategies, technologies, principles and applications of modern medicinal chemistry * Provides a global and current perspective of today's drug discovery process and discusses the major therapeutic classes and targets * Includes a unique collection of case studies and personal assays reviewing the discovery and development of key drugs
by John B. Taylor
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Progressive Development of Practical Skills in Chemistry,A Guide to Early-undergraduate Experimental Work
It is widely recognised that students on present-day chemistry courses need to develop a portfolio of practical skills. Progressive Development of Practical Skills in Chemistry is the second in a series of publications from the Royal Society of Chemistry which are directed towards the early part of an undergraduate chemistry programme. This book features a variety of practical activities, spanning a wide range of chemistry. Activities are arranged in order of increasing skills development and demand, and each is accompanied by a guide for demonstrators. A technical guide is also included detailing all reagent and equipment requirements. Trialled in universities across the UK pre-publication, students and lecturers will welcome this book as an aid to the development of skills in degree courses.
by Stuart W. Bennett
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