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Monday, May 4, 2015

Download computer fundamentals by pk sinha and priti sinha EBooks | Read online computer fundamentals by pk sinha and priti sinha EBooks

Download computer fundamentals by pk sinha and priti sinha EBooks | Read online computer fundamentals by pk sinha and priti sinha EBooks

Computer Fundamentals,

by Pradeep K. Sinha
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Foundations of Computing,
This Thoughtfully Organized Book Has Been Designed To Provide Its Readers With A Sound Foundation Of Computers And Information Technology. The Number Of Chapters, Chapter Topics, And The Contents Of Each Chapter Have Been Carefully Chosen To Introduce The Readers To All Important Concepts Through A Single Book. Each Chapter Addresses The Fundamental Concepts, Popular Technologies, And Current State-Of-The-Art Topics. Complete With Numerous Illustrations And Examples, Chapter Summaries, End-Of-Chapter Questions, And A Glossary Of Important Terms, Foundations Of Computing Is Designed To Serve As An Ideal Textbook For Various Courses Offered In Computer Science, Information Technology, And Other Related Areas. You Will Find Sufficient Coverage Of All Major Topics In The Field, Including Several New And Advanced Topics, Such As:Software Engineering,Object-Oriented Programming,Network, Distributed, And Real-Time Operating Systems,Unix, Windows, And Linux Operating Systems,Relational, Object-Oriented, And Multimedia Databases,Data Warehousing And Data Mining,Information Security In Computer Systems,Multimedia Computing Systems And Applications,Wireless Networks,The Internet,And Many More&..
by Pradeep K. Sinhs
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Switching and Finite Automata Theory,
"Topics in switching and finite automata theory have been an important part of the curriculum in electrical engineering and computer science departments for several decades. The third edition of this book builds on the comprehensive foundation provided by the second edition and adds: significant new material in the areas of CMOS logic; modern two-level and multi-level logic synthesis methods; logic design for emerging nanotechnologies; test generation, design for testability and built-in self-test for combinational and sequential circuits; modern asynchronous circuit synthesis techniques; etc. We have attempted to maintain the comprehensive nature of the earlier edition in providing readers with an understanding of the structure, behavior, and limitations of logical machines. At the same time, we have provided an up-to-date context in which the presented techniques can find use in a variety of applications.We start with introductory material and build up to more advanced topics. Thus, the technical background assumed on the part of the reader is minimal"--Provided by publisher.
by Zvi Kohavi
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Garuda Purana,

by B. K. Chaturvedi
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Fifth Generation Computer Systems,
The Japan Information Processing Development Centre (JIPDEC) established a committee for Study and Research on Fifth-Generation Computers. Beginning in 1979, this Committee set out on a two-year investigation into the most desirable types of computer systems for application in the 1990`s (fifth-generation computers) and how the development projects aimed at the realization of these systems should be carried forward. This book contains the papers presented at the International Conference on Fifth Generation Computer Systems. Included among these papers is a preliminary report on the findings of the Committee.
by T. Moto-Oka
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Foundations of Algorithms,
Foundations of Algorithms, Fifth Edition offers a well-balanced presentation of algorithm design, complexity analysis of algorithms, and computational complexity. Ideal for any computer science students with a background in college algebra and discrete structures, the text presents mathematical concepts using standard English and simple notation to maximize accessibility and user-friendliness. Concrete examples, appendices reviewing essential mathematical concepts, and a student-focused approach reinforce theoretical explanations and promote learning and retention. C++ and Java pseudocode help students better understand complex algorithms. A chapter on numerical algorithms includes a review of basic number theory, Euclid's Algorithm for finding the greatest common divisor, a review of modular arithmetic, an algorithm for solving modular linear equations, an algorithm for computing modular powers, and the new polynomial-time algorithm for determining whether a number is prime. The revised and updated Fifth Edition features an all-new chapter on genetic algorithms and genetic programming, including approximate solutions to the traveling salesperson problem, an algorithm for an artificial ant that navigates along a trail of food, and an application to financial trading. With fully updated exercises and examples throughout and improved instructor resources including complete solutions, an Instructor’s Manual and PowerPoint lecture outlines, Foundations of Algorithms is an essential text for undergraduate and graduate courses in the design and analysis of algorithms. Key features include: • The only text of its kind with a chapter on genetic algorithms • Use of C++ and Java pseudocode to help students better understand complex algorithms • No calculus background required • Numerous clear and student-friendly examples throughout the text • Fully updated exercises and examples throughout • Improved instructor resources, including complete solutions, an Instructor’s Manual, and PowerPoint lecture outlines
by Richard Neapolitan
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Concrete Technology (M.E.),

by M.S. Shetty
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The highly praised book in communications networking from IEEE Press, now available in the Eastern Economy Edition.This is a non-mathematical introduction to Distributed Operating Systems explaining the fundamental concepts and design principles of this emerging technology. As a textbook for students and as a self-study text for systems managers and software engineers, this book provides a concise and an informal introduction to the subject.
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Let Us C,
Getting Started, The Decision Control Structure ,The Loop Control Structure ,The Case Control Structure ,Functions and Pointers Data Types Revisited ,The C Preprocessor, Arrays, Strings, Structures, Console Input/ Output, File Input/ Output, More Issues In Input/ Output, Operations On Bits, Miscellaneous Features, C Under Windows, Network & Internet Programmng C Under Linux, More Linux Programming Appendix A- Cjompilation and Exeuction, B- Precedence Table, C- Chasing the Bugs, D- ASII Chart, Index
by Yashavant P. Kanetkar
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How to Solve it by Computer,

by Dromey
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Genetics: A Conceptual Approach,
Ben Pierce is recognized for his ability to make the complex subject of genetics as accessible as possible, giving students the big picture. By helping students easily identify the key concepts in genetics and by helping them make connections among concepts, Pierce allows students to learn the material with greater ease. W.H. Freeman is proud to introduce the Fourth Edition of Pierce’s Genetics: A Conceptual Approach. Visit the preview site at www.whfreeman.com/pierce4epreview
by Benjamin A. Pierce
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Discrete Mathematical Structures,
Combining a selection of topics with previews of their applications in computer science, this text limits its coverage to those topics students will actually utilize.
by Bernard Kolman
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Advanced Engineering Mathematics,
This book has received very good response from students and teachers within the country and abroad alike.Its previous edition exhausted in a very short time.I place on record my sense of gratitude to the students and teachers for their appreciation of my work,which has offered me an opportunity to bring out this revised Eighteenth Edition.Due to the demand of students a chapter on Linear Programming as added.A large number of new examples and problems selected from the latest question papers of various engineering examinations held recently have been included to enable the students to understand the latest trend.
by H.K. Dass
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Fundamentals of Mobile and Pervasive Computing,
The authoritative, general reference that has been sorely missing in the field of mobile computing This book teaches all the main topics via the hottest applications in a rapidlygrowing field. "Big picture" explanations of ad hoc networks and service discovery Exercises, projects, and solutions to illustrate core concepts Extensive wireless security methodologies
by Frank Adelstein
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Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 10,
Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 10 provides an introduction to programming interactive computer graphics, with an emphasis on game development, using DirectX 10. The book is divided into three main parts. Part I explores basic mathematical tools, Part II shows how to implement fundamental tasks in Direct3D, and Part III demonstrates a variety of techniques and special effects.With this book understand how vectors, matrices, and transfomations are used in the creation of computer games; discover how to implement lighting, texture mapping, blending, and stenciling to increase the realism of your scenes; explore techniques for creating special effects, including terrain rendering, shadow mapping, particle systems, and reflections; learn about new Direct3D 10 features such as geometry shaders, the stream out pipeline stage, texture arrays, and primitive IDs; test your knowledge and programming skills with the end-of-chapter exercises.
by Frank D. Luna
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