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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Download computer security and cryptography EBooks | Read online computer security and cryptography EBooks

Download computer security and cryptography EBooks | Read online computer security and cryptography EBooks

Computer Security and Cryptography,

by Alan G. Konheim
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Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security,
This comprehensive encyclopedia provides easy access to information on all aspects of cryptography and security. The work is intended for students, researchers and practitioners who need a quick and authoritative reference to areas like data protection, network security, operating systems security, and more.
by Henk C.A. van Tilborg
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Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography,State of the Art and Evolution. ESAT Course, Leuven, Belgium, May 21-23, 1991
This volume is based on a course held several times, and again in 1993, at the ESAT Laboratorium of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. These courses are intended for both researchers in computer security and cryptography and for practitioners in industry and government. The contributors of the 1991 course were invited to submit revised and updated versions of their papers for inclusion in a book. This volume is the final result; it is well- balanced between basic theory and real life applications, between mathematical background and juridical aspects, and between technical developments and standardization issues. Some of the topics are public key cryptography, hash functions, secure protocols, digital signatures, security architectures, network security, and data encryption standards (DES).
by Bart Preneel
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Applied Cryptography for Cyber Security and Defense: Information Encryption and Cyphering,Information Encryption and Cyphering
Applied Cryptography for Cyber Security and Defense: Information Encryption and Cyphering applies the principles of cryptographic systems to real-world scenarios, explaining how cryptography can protect businesses' information and ensure privacy for their networks and databases. It delves into the specific security requirements within various emerging application areas and discusses procedures for engineering cryptography into system design and implementation.
by Nemati, Hamid R.
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Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice, International Edition,Principles and Practice
For one-semester, undergraduate- or graduate-level courses in Cryptography, Computer Security, and Network Security A practical survey of cryptography and network security with unmatched support for instructors and students In this age of universal electronic connectivity, viruses and hackers, electronic eavesdropping, and electronic fraud, security is paramount. This text provides a practical survey of both the principles and practice of cryptography and network security. First, the basic issues to be addressed by a network security capability are explored through a tutorial and survey of cryptography and network security technology. Then, the practice of network security is explored via practical applications that have been implemented and are in use today. An unparalleled support package for instructors and students ensures a successful teaching and learning experience. Teaching and Learning Experience To provide a better teaching and learning experience, for both instructors and students, this program will: Support Instructors and Students: An unparalleled support package for instructors and students ensures a successful teaching and learning experience. Apply Theory and/or the Most Updated Research: A practical survey of both the principles and practice of cryptography and network security. Engage Students with Hands-on Projects: Relevant projects demonstrate the importance of the subject, offer a real-world perspective, and keep students interested.
by William Stallings
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Applied Cryptology, Cryptographic Protocols, and Computer Security Models,

by Richard A. DeMillo
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Introduction to Modern Cryptography,Principles and Protocols
Cryptography plays a key role in ensuring the privacy and integrity of data and the security of computer networks. Introduction to Modern Cryptography provides a rigorous yet accessible treatment of modern cryptography, with a focus on formal definitions, precise assumptions, and rigorous proofs. The authors introduce the core principles of modern cryptography, including the modern, computational approach to security that overcomes the limitations of perfect secrecy. An extensive treatment of private-key encryption and message authentication follows. The authors also illustrate design principles for block ciphers, such as the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and present provably secure constructions of block ciphers from lower-level primitives. The second half of the book focuses on public-key cryptography, beginning with a self-contained introduction to the number theory needed to understand the RSA, Diffie-Hellman, El Gamal, and other cryptosystems. After exploring public-key encryption and digital signatures, the book concludes with a discussion of the random oracle model and its applications. Serving as a textbook, a reference, or for self-study, Introduction to Modern Cryptography presents the necessary tools to fully understand this fascinating subject.
by Jonathan Katz
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Cryptography,a new dimension in computer data security : a guide for the design and implementation of secure systems
The role of cryptography in electronic data processing. Block ciphers and stream ciphers. The data encryption standard. Communication security and file security using cryptography. The host system cryptographic operations. Generation, distribution, and installation of cryptographic keys. Incorparation of cryptography into a communications architecture. Authentication techniques using cryptography. Digital signatures. Applying cryptography to pin-based electronic funds transfer systems. Applying cryptography to electronic funds transfer system-personal identification numbers and personal keys. Measures of secrecy for cryptographic systems. Fips publication 46. Further computations of interest. Plastic card encoding practices and standards. Some cryptographic concepts and methods attack. Cryptographic pin security-proposed ansi method. Analysis of the number of meaningful messages in a redundant language. Unicity distance computations. Derivation of p(u) and p(sm). Index.
by Carl H. Meyer
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Everyday Cryptography,Fundamental Principles and Applications
Cryptography is a vital technology that underpins the security of information in computer networks. This book presents a comprehensive introduction to the role that cryptography plays in providing information security for technologies such as the Internet, mobile phones, payment cards, and wireless local area networks. Focusing on the fundamental principles that ground modern cryptography as they arise in modern applications, it avoids both an over-reliance on transient current technologies and over-whelming theoretical research. Everyday Cryptography is a self-contained and widely accessible introductory text. Almost no prior knowledge of mathematics is required since the book deliberately avoids the details of the mathematical techniques underpinning cryptographic mechanisms, though a short appendix is included for those looking for a deeper appreciation of some of the concepts involved. By the end of this book, the reader will not only be able to understand the practical issues concerned with the deployment of cryptographic mechanisms, including the management of cryptographic keys, but will also be able to interpret future developments in this fascinating and increasingly important area of technology.
by Keith M. Martin
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Computer Security,Art and Science
The importance of computer security has increased dramatically during the past few years. Bishop provides a monumental reference for the theory and practice of computer security. Comprehensive in scope, this book covers applied and practical elements, theory, and the reasons for the design of applications and security techniques.
by Matt Bishop
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Fault Analysis in Cryptography,
In the 1970s researchers noticed that radioactive particles produced by elements naturally present in packaging material could cause bits to flip in sensitive areas of electronic chips. Research into the effect of cosmic rays on semiconductors, an area of particular interest in the aerospace industry, led to methods of hardening electronic devices designed for harsh environments. Ultimately various mechanisms for fault creation and propagation were discovered, and in particular it was noted that many cryptographic algorithms succumb to so-called fault attacks. Preventing fault attacks without sacrificing performance is nontrivial and this is the subject of this book. Part I deals with side-channel analysis and its relevance to fault attacks. The chapters in Part II cover fault analysis in secret key cryptography, with chapters on block ciphers, fault analysis of DES and AES, countermeasures for symmetric-key ciphers, and countermeasures against attacks on AES. Part III deals with fault analysis in public key cryptography, with chapters dedicated to classical RSA and RSA-CRT implementations, elliptic curve cryptosystems and countermeasures using fault detection, devices resilient to fault injection attacks, lattice-based fault attacks on signatures, and fault attacks on pairing-based cryptography. Part IV examines fault attacks on stream ciphers and how faults interact with countermeasures used to prevent power analysis attacks. Finally, Part V contains chapters that explain how fault attacks are implemented, with chapters on fault injection technologies for microprocessors, and fault injection and key retrieval experiments on a widely used evaluation board. This is the first book on this topic and will be of interest to researchers and practitioners engaged with cryptographic engineering.
by Marc Joye
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This thoroughly revised and well-organised book is in its second edition, continues to present the principles, techniques, design and implementation of cryptography and information security algorithms, with a perfect balance in the presentation of theoretical and practical aspects. To provide the mathematical background required to understand the principles of cryptography and information security, the text explains all the relevant theorems such as Fermat’s theorem and Euler’s theorem. The book gives a clear analysis of various encryption methods and cipher techniques. In addition, various security measures, for example, firewalls and virtual private network, and web security, are also discussed. This edition includes the topics with new innovations and improvements in the field of cryptography and information security in a substantial and comprehensive way. In this edition, the effort is taken to improve the pedagogy and user friendliness. It incorporates many solved numerical problems to clarify the various concepts and different algorithms and also includes MCQs with their answers in each chapter. The book is intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science and engineering (B.Tech./M.Tech.), undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science (B.Sc./M.Sc. Computer Science), and information technology (B.Sc./M.Sc. IT) and the students of Master of Computer Applications (MCA). KEY FEATURES Covers the latest topic of computer forensics and the areas in which they can be applied. Gives algorithms with numerical explanations. Provides a large number of solved problems.
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Basic Methods of Cryptography,
Textbook on cryptography for students of electrical engineering and computer science.
by Jan C. A. van der Lubbe
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Cryptography Engineering,Design Principles and Practical Applications
The ultimate guide to cryptography, updated from an author team of the world's top cryptography experts. Cryptography is vital to keeping information safe, in an era when the formula to do so becomes more and more challenging. Written by a team of world-renowned cryptography experts, this essential guide is the definitive introduction to all major areas of cryptography: message security, key negotiation, and key management. You'll learn how to think like a cryptographer. You'll discover techniques for building cryptography into products from the start and you'll examine the many technical changes in the field. After a basic overview of cryptography and what it means today, this indispensable resource covers such topics as block ciphers, block modes, hash functions, encryption modes, message authentication codes, implementation issues, negotiation protocols, and more. Helpful examples and hands-on exercises enhance your understanding of the multi-faceted field of cryptography. An author team of internationally recognized cryptography experts updates you on vital topics in the field of cryptography Shows you how to build cryptography into products from the start Examines updates and changes to cryptography Includes coverage on key servers, message security, authentication codes, new standards, block ciphers, message authentication codes, and more Cryptography Engineering gets you up to speed in the ever-evolving field of cryptography.
by Niels Ferguson
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Applied cryptography,protocols, algorithms, and source code in C
About The Book: This new edition of the cryptography classic provides you with a comprehensive survey of modern cryptography. The book details how programmers and electronic communications professionals can use cryptography-the technique of enciphering and deciphering messages-to maintain the privacy of computer data. It describes dozens of cryptography algorithms, gives practical advice on how to implement them into cryptographic software, and shows how they can be used to solve security problems. · Cryptographic Protocols· Cryptographic Techniques· Cryptographic Algorithms· The Real World· Source Code
by Bruce Schneier
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