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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Download computer theory EBooks | Read online computer theory EBooks

Download computer theory EBooks | Read online computer theory EBooks

Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists,
Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists provides a straightforward presentationof the basic constructions and terminology of category theory, including limits, functors, naturaltransformations, adjoints, and cartesian closed categories.
by Benjamin C. Pierce
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Cloud Computing,Theory and Practice
Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice provides students and IT professionals with an in-depth analysis of the cloud from the ground up. Beginning with a discussion of parallel computing and architectures and distributed systems, the book turns to contemporary cloud infrastructures, how they are being deployed at leading companies such as Amazon, Google and Apple, and how they can be applied in fields such as healthcare, banking and science. The volume also examines how to successfully deploy a cloud application across the enterprise using virtualization, resource management and the right amount of networking support, including content delivery networks and storage area networks. Developers will find a complete introduction to application development provided on a variety of platforms. Learn about recent trends in cloud computing in critical areas such as: resource management, security, energy consumption, ethics, and complex systems Get a detailed hands-on set of practical recipes that help simplify the deployment of a cloud based system for practical use of computing clouds along with an in-depth discussion of several projects Understand the evolution of cloud computing and why the cloud computing paradigm has a better chance to succeed than previous efforts in large-scale distributed computing
by Dan C. Marinescu
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Digital computer theory,

by Louis Nashelsky
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Introduction to Computer Theory,
Automata theory. Background. Languages. Recursive definitions. Regular expressions. Finite automata. Transition graphs. Kleene's theorem. Nondeterminism. Finite automata with output. Regular languages. Nonregular languages. Decidability. Pushdown automata Theory. Context-free grammars. Trees. Regular grammars. Chomsky normal form. Pushdown automata. CFG=PDA. Context-free languages. Non-context-free languages. Intersection and complement. Parsing. Decidability. Turing theory. Turing machines. Post machines. Minsky's theorem. Variations on the TM. Recursively enumerable languages. The encoding of turing machines. The chomsky hierarchy. Computers. Bibliography. Table of theorems.
by D. I. A. Cohen
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Recursive functions in computer theory,

by Rózsa Péter
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Data Flow Computing,Theory and Practice
There is an increasing interest in data flow programming techniques. This interest is motivated in part by the rapid advances in technology (and the need for distributed processing techniques), in part by a desire for faster throughput by applying parallel processing techniques, and in part by search for a programming tool that is closer to the problem solving methods that people naturally adopts rather than current programming languages. This book contains a selection of chapters by researchers on various aspects of the data flow approach in computing. Topics covered include: comparisons of various data flow machine designs, data flow architectures, intentional programming and operator nets, and the relationship between data flow models and modern structured design techniques, among others. The book also includes a brief introduction to the data flow approach, a bibliography, and reviews of where research into data flow might be heading.
by John A. Sharp
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Elements of Finite Model Theory,
Emphasizes the computer science aspects of the subject. Details applications in databases, complexity theory, and formal languages, as well as other branches of computer science.
by Leonid Libkin
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Market_Desc: · Computer Scientists· Students · Professors Special Features: · Easy to read and the coverage of mathematics is fairly simple so readers do not have to worry about proving theorems· Contains new coverage of Context Sensitive Language About The Book: This text strikes a good balance between rigor and an intuitive approach to computer theory. Covers all the topics needed by computer scientists with a sometimes humorous approach that reviewers found refreshing . The goal of the book is to provide a firm understanding of the principles and the big picture of where computer theory fits into the field.
by Cohen
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Intelligent Instruction Computer,Theory And Practice
This text records the dramatic new prospects for computers in instruction in school, the workplace and high technology research facilities. If offers teachers and trainers a vision of how their professions will be fundamentally altered by these new systems and how their roles will be changed. The challenges and opportunities exposed by these developments in intelligent instruction by computer are many. Topics discussed include: apprenticeship and training in the workplace; automated tutoring in interactive environment; two approaches to simulation composition for training; and transfer, adaption, and use of intelligent tutoring technology.
by Marshall J. Farr
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Introduction to the Theory of Computation,
Now you can clearly present even the most complex computational theory topics to your students with Sipser’s distinct, market-leading INTRODUCTION TO THE THEORY OF COMPUTATION, 3E. The number one choice for today’s computational theory course, this highly anticipated revision retains the unmatched clarity and thorough coverage that make it a leading text for upper-level undergraduate and introductory graduate students. This edition continues author Michael Sipser’s well-known, approachable style with timely revisions, additional exercises, and more memorable examples in key areas. A new first-of-its-kind theoretical treatment of deterministic context-free languages is ideal for a better understanding of parsing and LR(k) grammars. This edition’s refined presentation ensures a trusted accuracy and clarity that make the challenging study of computational theory accessible and intuitive to students while maintaining the subject’s rigor and formalism. Readers gain a solid understanding of the fundamental mathematical properties of computer hardware, software, and applications with a blend of practical and philosophical coverage and mathematical treatments, including advanced theorems and proofs. INTRODUCTION TO THE THEORY OF COMPUTATION, 3E’s comprehensive coverage makes this an ideal ongoing reference tool for those studying theoretical computing. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
by Michael Sipser
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Small computer theory and applications,

by Denton J. Dailey
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Theory of Computer Science,
Finite State SystemsDFA, NDFA and there equivalence. Conversion of NDFA, DFA, DFA with E-Moves, Two-way Finite Automata, Finite Automata with output, Transformation of a Mealy Machine into a Moore Machine and their conversion, FSM properties and limitations.Regular ExpressionsArden's Theorem, Pumping Lemma and its applications, closure properties. Decision Algorithms of Regular Sets, Applications of regular expressions and finite Automata.GrammersInvention and evolution of Formal LanguagesPushdown AutomataAssociation of push down automata with context - free grammers.Post MachinesDefinitions and examplesProduction SystemsFundaments, PMT Systems, PCS, Markou AlgorithimTuring MachinesModel, Representation, Language Acceptability and design of Turing Machines. Nondeterministic, Composite, Integrated, Universal, Turing Machines, Limitations, Recursive and Recursively Enumerable Languages, functionsApplications and LimitationsLexical Analyzer, Text Editors, Searching, Conversion of regular expression into a DFA.
by S.S.Sane
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Programmed statistics,with chapters on probability, computer theory, and programmed instruction

by Richard Ernest Bellman
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Papers of John von Neumann on computing and computer theory,
This volume brings together for the first time John von Neumann's long-out-of-print articles on computer architecture, programming, large-scale computing, and automata theory. A number of significant papers in these areas that were not included in the multivolume John von Neumann. Collected Works(1963) have now been reprinted here. These pioneering articles - written between the mid-1940s and the mid-1950s - are of enduring value not only to computer historians but to computer scientists at the vanguard of current research. Most of today's computers are still constructed in accordance with the "von Neumann architecture," and his technique of flow charting remains basic in the domain. Papers of John von Neumann on Computers and Computer Theoryis volume 12 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing.
by John Von Neumann
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Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science,

by Narsingh Deo
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