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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Download computergraphics EBooks | Read online computergraphics EBooks

Download computergraphics EBooks | Read online computergraphics EBooks

Computer Graphics,Principles and Practice
A guide to the concepts and applications of computer graphics covers such topics as interaction techniques, dialogue design, and user interface software.
by James D. Foley
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An Introduction to Splines for Use in Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling,
As the field of computer graphics develops, techniques for modeling complex curves and surfaces are increasingly important. A major technique is the use of parametric splines in which a curve is defined by piecing together a succession of curve segments, and surfaces are defined by stitching together a mosaic of surface patches. An Introduction to Splines for Use in Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling discusses the use of splines from the point of view of the computer scientist. Assuming only a background in beginning calculus, the authors present the material using many examples and illustrations with the goal of building the reader's intuition. Based on courses given at the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Waterloo, as well as numerous ACM Siggraph tutorials, the book includes the most recent advances in computer-aided geometric modeling and design to make spline modeling techniques generally accessible to the computer graphics and geometric modeling communities.
by Richard H. Bartels
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3D Computer Graphics,A Mathematical Introduction with OpenGL
Topics include transformations, lighting and shading, ray tracing, radiosity, texture mapping, colour theory, and aspects of animation.
by Samuel R. Buss
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Computer Graphics,Theory Into Practice
Computer Graphics & Graphics Applications
by Jeffrey J. McConnell
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Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics, Third Edition,
This updated third edition addresses the mathematical skills that a programmer needs to develop a 3D game engine and computer graphics for professional-level games. MATHEMATICS FOR 3D GAME PROGRAMMING & COMPUTER GRAPHICS, THIRD EDITION is suitable for adv
by Eric Lengyel
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Computer Graphics and Multimedia,Applications, Problems and Solutions
Art, technology, and information science combine into computer graphics and multimedia. This book explores the parameters of the aplication, problems and solutions related to digital disciplines. Contributing authors include computer scientists, multimedia researchers, computer artists, graphic designers, and digital media specialists.
by John DiMarco
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The Magic of Computer Graphics,
Computer graphics is a vast field that is becoming larger every day. It is impossible to cover every topic of interest, even within a specialization such as CG rendering. For many years, Noriko Kurachi has reported on the latest developments for Japanese readers in her monthly column for CG World. Being something of a pioneer herself, she selected topics that represented original and promising new directions for research. Many of these novel ideas are the topics covered in The Magic of Computer Graphics. Starting from the basic behavior of light, the first section of the book introduces the most useful techniques for global and local illumination using geometric descriptions of an environment. The second section goes on to describe image-based techniques that rely on captured data to do their magic. In the final section, the author looks at the synthesis of these two complementary approaches and what they mean for the future of computer graphics.
by Noriko Kurachi
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Computer Graphics Through OpenGL,From Theory to Experiments, Second Edition
From geometric primitives to animation to 3D modeling to lighting, shading, and texturing, Computer Graphics Through OpenGL®: From Theory to Experiments, Second Edition presents a comprehensive introduction to computer graphics that uses an active learning style to teach key concepts. Equally emphasizing theory and practice, the book provides an understanding not only of the principles of 3D computer graphics, but also the use of the OpenGL® Application Programming Interface (API) to code 3D scenes and animation, including games and movies. The undergraduate core of the book is a one-semester sequence taking the student from zero knowledge of computer graphics to a mastery of the fundamental concepts with the ability to code applications using fourth-generation OpenGL. The remaining chapters explore more advanced topics, including the structure of curves and surfaces and the application of projective spaces and transformations. New to the Second Edition 30 more programs, 50 more experiments, and 50 more exercises Two new chapters on OpenGL 4.3 shaders and the programmable pipeline Coverage of: Vertex buffer and array objects Occlusion culling and queries and conditional rendering Texture matrices Multitexturing and texture combining Multisampling Point sprites Image and pixel manipulation Pixel buffer objects Shadow mapping Web Resource The book’s website at www.sumantaguha.com provides program source code that runs on various platforms. It includes a guide to installing OpenGL and executing the programs, special software to help run the experiments, and figures from the book. The site also contains an instructor’s manual with solutions to 100 problems (for qualifying instructors only).
by Sumanta Guha
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Computer Graphics through Key Mathematics,Through Key Mathematics
Computer Graphics through Key Mathematics introduces the mathematics that support computer graphics on a 'need to know' basis. Its approach means you don't have to do advanced mathematical manipulation in order to understand the capabilities, scope and limitations of the computer graphics systems that create impressive images. The book is written in a clear, easy-to-understand way and is aimed at all those who have missed out on an extended mathematical education but who are studying or working in areas where computer graphics or 3D design plays an vital part. All those who have no formal training but who want to understand the foundations of computer graphics systems should read this book, as should mathematicians who want to understand how their subject is used in computer image synthesis.
by Huw Jones
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3D Computer Graphics,
This book provides students with a knowledge of complex and emerging topics in the field of Computer Graphics, including advances in rendering and new material on animation. It will enable the reader to master the fundamentals of 3D computer graphics as well as acting as a complete resource for anyone interested in 3D modelling. It provides detailed coverage of both realistic and non-realistic images. This is the third edition of a book which deals with the processes involved in converting a mathematical or geometric description of an object into a visualisation that simulates the appearance of a real object. Traditionally computer graphics has created pictures by starting with a very detailed geometric description, subjecting this to a series of transformations that orient a viewer and objects in 3D space, then imitating reality by making the objects look solid and real - a process known as rendering. Nowadays this is proving insufficient for the new demands of moving computer imagery and virtual reality. Much research is being carried out into how to model complex objects, where the nature and shape of the objects changes dynamically and into capturing the richness of the world without having to model every detail explicitly. This text explores and relates thee resulting in diverse synthesis and modelling methods.
by Alan H. Watt
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Image Processing for Computer Graphics and Vision,
Image processing is concerned with the analysis and manipulation of images by computer. Providing a thorough treatment of image processing with an emphasis on those aspects most used in computer graphics, the authors concentrate on describing and analyzing the underlying concepts rather than on presenting algorithms or pseudocode. As befits a modern introduction to this topic, a good balance is struck between discussing the underlying mathematics and the main topics: signal processing, data discretization, the theory of colour and different colour systems, operations in images, dithering and half-toning, warping and morphing and image processing. This second edition reflects recent trends in science andtechnology that exploit image processing in computer graphics and vision applications. Stochastic image models and statistical methods for image processing are covered as are: A modern approach and new developments in the area, Probability theory for image processing, Applications in image analysis and computer vision.
by Luiz Velho
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Computer Graphics,
This book is written for the student who wishes to learn not only the concepts of computer graphics but also its meaningful implementation. It is a comprehensive text on Computer Graphics and is appropriate for an introductory course in the subject.
by Sinha
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Rotation Transforms for Computer Graphics,
This book provides a comprehensive description of mathematical techniques for rotating points and frames in 2D and 3D computer graphics. Such transforms are notoriously difficult to visualize, which is why the book includes a large number of illustrations.
by John Vince
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Computer Graphics,

by Alavala Chennakesava R.
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Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling,
This comprehensive reference for professionals and students in the computer graphics field clearly explains how graphics programs work and how they generate realistic objects and animations. Topics include scan conversion methods, translations, rotations, moving in 3D, and perspective projections. The mathematics and geometry behind the computer graphics are also presented.
by David Salomon
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