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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Download computers today by sk basandra 1st edtion EBooks | Read online computers today by sk basandra 1st edtion EBooks

Download computers today by sk basandra 1st edtion EBooks | Read online computers today by sk basandra 1st edtion EBooks

Computer Science Question Bank,

by S K Basandra
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by Suresh K. Basandra
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International Books in Print, 1995,Author/Title

by [Anonymus AC01219643]
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Discrete Mathematical Structures,
Combining a selection of topics with previews of their applications in computer science, this text limits its coverage to those topics students will actually utilize.
by Bernard Kolman
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The New Era of Management,
Discover true innovation in management today - within the pages and throughout the technology-driven package accompanying the latest edition of this market-leading text. Respected author Richard Daft helps you build better managers for today and tomorrow with the latest managerial theories based on established research, engaging contemporary applications, and a wealth of cutting-edge exercises and examples. Students develop a strong managerial foundation, organized around the four functions of management and supported by a seamless blend of theory and applications within the pages of each chapter. Unique photo essays, challenging cases, and topics not typically found in other management texts help students build the innovative skills to manage successfully throughout turbulent times in business today.Fresh management ideas and the best practices blend with traditional theory as this book - recognized for its quality and trusted for its strong content - once again puts management into practice with proven exercises and learning features that support the book's research orientation and tightly connect concepts. A complete supplement package helps ensure your students reach their full management potential with an all-new video package featuring Hollywood film scenes that demonstrate management principles in action. The innovative new ThomsonNOW⢠online course management and learning system saves time in assigning homework and grading, while offering personalized learning paths to ensure your students develop the management skills they need for success today and tomorrow.
by Richard L. Daft
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Bioinformatics,Database, Tools, Algorithms
Aimed at students of biotechnology, Bioinformatics describes the methods used to store, receive, and derive data from databases using various tools.
by Orpita Bosu
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Basic Principles of Physics,

by K. K. Mohindroo
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The Practice of Management,
This classic volume achieves a remarkable width of appeal without sacrificing scientific accuracy or depth of analysis. It is a valuable contribution to the study of business efficiency which should be read by anyone wanting information about the developments and place of management, and it is as relevant today as when it was first written. This is a practical book, written out of many years of experience in working with managements of small, medium and large corporations. It aims to be a management guide, enabling readers to examine their own work and performance, to diagnose their weaknesses and to improve their own effectiveness as well as the results of the enterprise they are responsible for.
by Peter Drucker
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Business Communication: Concepts, Cases, and Applications,

by P. D. Chaturvedi
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Library and Information Center Management,
Library and Information Center Management: Eighth Edition continues to be an essential textbook that provides a complete introduction to library management. It supplies a comprehensive, one-volume overview of all the functions of management specifically applied to the modern library environment. This latest revised and updated edition begins with introductory chapters that discuss the roles of library managers in the past and in the present, explain why library staff must rethink their purpose, and document the inadequacy of management techniques that once seemed appropriate. In addition to discussing key planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling strategies, the book also provides chapters on marketing, facilities management, and fundraising. The final chapter provides young managers with invaluable guidance and addresses the challenges of succeeding in management without the benefit of decades of experience.
by Robert D. Stueart
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Fundamentals of Information Systems,
Gain a solid understanding of today’s fundamentals of information systems with the most current, concise overview from leading authors Ralph Stair and George Reynolds. FUNDAMENTALS OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 7E relies upon nine brief, captivating chapters to explore the core principles of IS and examine how it’s practiced today. Readers gain a strong grasp of the latest developments and their impact on the rapidly changing role of today’s IS professional. As many as 140 new examples and references in each chapter keep the presentation as current as possible. New discussion focuses on the increased use of cloud computing throughout the world and the latest in mobile solutions and challenges in IS today. Readers see, first-hand, how information systems can increase profits and reduce costs as they review new information on e-commerce and enterprise systems, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, green computing, and other issues reshaping IS today. Expanded materials introduce the increasing challenges of computer crimes and hacking as well as cyberterrorism. This edition presents some of the most recent research on virtual communities and global IS work solutions as well as the growing importance of social networking. No matter what your career plans, FUNDAMENTALS OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 7E can equip you to function more effectively as an employee, manager, or decision maker in business today. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
by Ralph Stair
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Understanding Oracle,

by James T. Perry
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Strategic Market Management,Global Perspectives
Strategic Market Management: Global Perspectives is motivated by the strategic challenges created by the dynamic nature of markets. The premise is that all traditional strategic management tools either do not apply or need to be adapted to a more dynamic context. The unique aspects of the book are its inclusion of: A business strategy definition that includes product/market scope, value proposition, and assets and competences. A structured strategic analysis including a detailed customer, competitor, market, and environmental analysis leading to understanding of market dynamics that is supported by a summary flow diagram, a set of agendas to help start the process, and a set of planning forms. Concepts of strategic commitment, opportunism, and adaptability and how they can and should be blended together. Bases of a value proposition and strong brands. A strategy without a compelling value proposition will not be market driven or successful. Brand assets that will support a business strategy need to be developed. Creating synergetic marketing with silo organisations defined by products or countries. All organisations have multiple products and markets and creating cooperation and communication instead of competition and isolation is becoming an imperative. A global perspective is an essential aspect of this new edition. This reflects the lived experience of the student reader but also their likely professional challenges. This is achieved by the extensive use of new gobal examples and vignettes.
by David A. Aaker
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Human Resource Accounting,Advances in Concepts, Methods, and Applications
Reflects the state of the field of human resource accounting through the late-1990s. Topics include an examination of the methods of accounting for people as human resources; and an explanation of the potential uses of human resource accounting for human resource managers and investors.
by Eric Flamholtz
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Essentials of Electronics,
This highly illustrated text, activities manual, and instructor's guide package is designed for use in a survey of electronics course for non-majors. Its comprehensive coverage includes the areas of dc/ac, devices, digital, and microprocessors. Chapters covering circuit theorems and ac principles have been added with the second edition.
by Frank Petruzella
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