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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Download computing and informatics by chand EBooks | Read online computing and informatics by chand EBooks

Download computing and informatics by chand EBooks | Read online computing and informatics by chand EBooks

Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving,SocProS 2014
The Proceedings of SocProS 2014 serves as an academic bonanza for scientists and researchers working in the field of Soft Computing. This book contains theoretical as well as practical aspects using fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence algorithms, etc., with many applications under the umbrella of ‘Soft Computing’. The book is beneficial for young as well as experienced researchers dealing across complex and intricate real world problems for which finding a solution by traditional methods is a difficult task. The different application areas covered in the Proceedings are: Image Processing, Cryptanalysis, Industrial Optimization, Supply Chain Management, Newly Proposed Nature Inspired Algorithms, Signal Processing, Problems related to Medical and Healthcare, Networking Optimization Problems, etc.
by Kedar Nath Das
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Computational Intelligence in Medical Informatics,
This Brief highlights Informatics and related techniques to Computer Science Professionals, Engineers, Medical Doctors, Bioinformatics researchers and other interdisciplinary researchers. Chapters include the Bioinformatics of Diabetes and several computational algorithms and statistical analysis approach to effectively study the disorders and possible causes along with medical applications.
by Naresh Babu Muppalaneni
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Proceedings of the International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving (SocProS 2011) December 20-22, 2011,Volume 2
The objective is to provide the latest developments in the area of soft computing. These are the cutting edge technologies that have immense application in various fields. All the papers will undergo the peer review process to maintain the quality of work.
by Kusum Deep
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Informatics Engineering and Information Science, Part II,International Conference, ICIEIS 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 12-14, 2011. Proceedings
The second of a 4-part-set that constitutes the proceedings of the International Conference on Informatics Engineering and Information Science, ICIEIS 2011, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2011. The 210 revised papers presented together with invited papers in the 4 volumes were reviewed and selected from numerous submissions.
by Azizah Abd Manaf
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Communication Informatics and Librarianship in India,An Introductory Guide to Publications Based on a Survey of Libraries in Capital City of India

by S. P. Agrawal
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Security Engineering and Intelligence Informatics,CD-ARES 2013 Workshops: MoCrySEn and SeCIHD, Regensburg, Germany, September 2-6, 2013, Proceedings
This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of two workshops: the Second International Workshop on Modern Cryptography and Security Engineering (MoCrySEn 2013) and the Third International Workshop on Security and Cognitive Informatics for Homeland Defense (SeCIHD 2013) held within the framework of the IFIP 8.4, 8.9, TC 5 International Cross-Domain Conference, CD-ARES 2013, in Regensburg, Germany, in September 2013. The 16 revised papers presented at MoCrySEn 2013 were carefully reviewed and selected from 30 submissions. They deal with symmetric-key cryptography, public-key cryptography, algorithmic cryptanalysis, software and hardware implementation of cryptographic algorithms, database encryption, and interaction between cryptographic theory and implementation issues. The 15 papers presented at SeCIHD 2013 are organized in topical sections on cyber security and dependability, network security and privacy, and multimedia technology for homeland defense.
by Alfredo Cuzzocrea
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Advanced Computational Infrastructures for Parallel and Distributed Applications,

by Manish Parashar
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Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing,
A systematic approach towards integration of design and manufacturing is essential for optimizing all elements of the integrated manufacturing system. This book is an attempt towards this approach and is intended to provide an introduction to the design process, the manufacturing processes and the tools for integration to young engineering students. Fundamental information on materials, manufacturing processes and integrated manufacturing are provided which will help the designer in the selection of most appropriate materials, processes and methods to transform his ideas into a successful product.
by G. K. Lal
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Together with Informatics Practices Solution,

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Handbook of Finite State Based Models and Applications,
Applicable to any problem that requires a finite number of solutions, finite state-based models (also called finite state machines or finite state automata) have found wide use in various areas of computer science and engineering. Handbook of Finite State Based Models and Applications provides a complete collection of introductory materials on finite state theories, algorithms, and the latest domain applications. For beginners, the book is a handy reference for quickly looking up model details. For more experienced researchers, it is suitable as a source of in-depth study in this area. The book first introduces the fundamentals of automata theory, including regular expressions, as well as widely used automata, such as transducers, tree automata, quantum automata, and timed automata. It then presents algorithms for the minimization and incremental construction of finite automata and describes Esterel, an automata-based synchronous programming language for embedded system software development. Moving on to applications, the book explores regular path queries on graph-structured data, timed automata in model checking security protocols, pattern matching, compiler design, and XML processing. It also covers other finite state-based modeling approaches and applications, including Petri nets, statecharts, temporal logic, and UML state machine diagrams.
by Jiacun Wang
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Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving,SocProS 2013
The proceedings of SocProS 2013 serve as an academic bonanza for scientists and researchers working in the field of Soft Computing. This book contains theoretical as well as practical aspects of Soft Computing, an umbrella term for techniques like fuzzy logic, neural networks and evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence algorithms etc. This book will be beneficial for the young as well as experienced researchers dealing with complex and intricate real world problems for which finding a solution by traditional methods is very difficult. The different areas covered in the proceedings are: Image Processing, Cryptanalysis, Supply Chain Management, Newly Proposed Nature Inspired Algorithms, Optimization, Problems related to Medical and Health Care, Networking etc.
by Millie Pant
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Communication in Healthcare Settings,Policy, Participation and New Technologies
This book presents an international snapshot of communication in healthcare settings and examines how policies, procedures and technological developments influence day to day practice. Brings together a series of papers describing features of healthcare interaction in settings in Australasia, the U.S.A, continental Europe and the UK Contains original research data from previously under-studied settings including professions allied to medicine, telephone-mediated interactions and secondary care Contributors draw on the established conversation analytic literature on healthcare interaction and broaden its scope by applying it to professionals other than doctors in primary care Examines how issues relating to policy, procedure or technology are negotiated and managed throughout daily healthcare practice
by Alison Pilnick
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Recent Development in Wireless Sensor and Ad-hoc Networks,
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of numerous physically distributed autonomous devices used for sensing and monitoring the physical and/or environmental conditions. A WSN uses a gateway that provides wireless connectivity to the wired world as well as distributed networks. There are many open problems related to Ad-Hoc networks and its applications. Looking at the expansion of the cellular infrastructure, Ad-Hoc network may be acting as the basis of the 4th generation wireless technology with the new paradigm of ‘anytime, anywhere communications’. To realize this, the real challenge would be the security, authorization and management issues of the large scale WSNs. This book is an edited volume in the broad area of WSNs. The book covers various chapters like Multi-Channel Wireless Sensor Networks, its Coverage, Connectivity as well as Deployment. It covers comparison of various communication protocols and algorithms such as MANNET, ODMRP and ADMR Protocols for Ad hoc Multicasting, Location Based Coordinated Routing Protocol and other Token based group local mutual exclusion Algorithms. The book also covers a chapter on Extended Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (EAODV) routing protocol based on Distributed Minimum Transmission Multicast Routing (DMTMR). One chapter is dedicated to OCDMA and its future application and another chapter covers development of Home Automation System using SWN.
by Srikanta Patnaik
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Computer Science and Informatics,

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Learning to Live in the Knowledge Society,IFIP 20th World Computer Congress, IFIP TC 3 ED-L2L Conference, September 7-10, 2008, Milano, Italy
ED-L2L, Learning to Live in the Knowledge Society, is one of the co-located conferences of the 20th World Computer Congress (WCC2008). The event is organized under the auspices of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) and is to be held in Milan from 7th to 10th September 2008. ED-L2L is devoted to themes related to ICT for education in the knowledge society. It provides an international forum for professionals from all continents to discuss research and practice in ICT and education. The event brings together educators, researchers, policy makers, curriculum designers, teacher educators, members of academia, teachers and content producers. ED-L2L is organised by the IFIP Technical Committee 3, Education, with the support of the Institute for Educational Technology, part of the National Research Council of Italy. The Institute is devoted to the study of educational innovation brought about through the use of ICT. Submissions to ED-L2L are published in this conference book. The published papers are devoted to the published conference themes: Developing digital literacy for the knowledge society: information problem solving, creating, capturing and transferring knowledge, commitment to lifelong learning Teaching and learning in the knowledge society, playful and fun learning at home and in the school New models, processes and systems for formal and informal learning environments and organisations Developing a collective intelligence, learning together and sharing knowledge ICT issues in education - ethics, equality, inclusion and parental role Educating ICT professionals for the global knowledge society Managing the transition to the knowledge society
by Michael Kendall
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